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Aveyron Facts

- Surface area:
- Elevation:
  144 m (472 ft.) to
   1,463 m (4799 ft.)
- Land use:
  Farming, 59%
   Forest, 30%
- Population:
  roughly 280,000
- Population density:
  Aveyron 31/km2
   France: 112/km2
- The highest density of
   paved roads in all of
  66,600 kms!!


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Private Authentic Tours by Experience (my) France


► Do you want to experience the places you travel?
► Do you want to feel engaged?
► Do you want local insights?
► Do you want to really connect with people and places?
► Do you want to claim your experiential tour YOURS, not somebody else's? 
► Do you want to play a key role in creating YOUR own experience? 

If you answered 'yes' to one or more of these, you've come to the right place for
an experiential travel opportunity!

Claim your own PRIVATE tour!



Véronique, your guide and host, chose surrounding areas rich with beauty, heritage, and distinct culture, areas she knows so well. Most of your explorations' focus will be within a two-hour drive of our home village. Its name is Baraqueville, and is located twenty kilometres south-west of Rodez, in Aveyron not to confuse with Avignon though or even Lubéron which is in Provence.

On the left of this website, is a list of the places we planned for your visit. We might be adding more to your trip, depending on your own preferences. Make sure to check out "your typical day", to know what you're up to experiencing!

On special request, here is a list of added options you could add to your next experience.
(prices may vary and you might have to stay longer with us):


  • Cheeses and yogourt preparation with local organic producers (could be included with no extra charge),
  • Wine tasting, wineries and vineyards visits (above and beyond what's already included),
  • Manufacturing your own Laguiole knife (could be included with no extra charge),
  • Walking with pilgrims along the way to Santiago de Compostella (could be included with no extra charge),
  • Eating an aligot with saucisses in a buron on the Aubrac plateau (could be included with no extra charge),
  • Eating at locals' dinner tables (could be included with no extra charge), 

and the list goes on and on.

Don't hesitate to contact us and ask as all of these listed experiences could be yours to live next.
One last example, we're in contact with an award-winning watercolour painter and are looking at offering the opportunity to paint Aveyron landscapes as part of your experience. 

To make the most of your trip, let us know what you're the most interested in. We'll make every effort to customize your experience.

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You'll be delighted by the local cuisine and food specialties, being fine but local restaurants, small cafés, or local producers fairs. You'll discover the incredible richness of this region: heritage, scenery, culture, local markets, artisans, museums.

Three meals a day are included in your tour price. Nine breakfasts, ten lunches, nine dinners, and wines chosen by your Aveyron-born guide and host Véronique. Breakfasts will always be at Baraqueville's house. Lunches and dinners might occur at select local restaurants, picked for their excellence. As well, transfers to/from Rodez airport are included. 

Our schedule will be designed according to each group’s interests. Your travel will be in private air-conditioned vehicle.

More details about your next experience are provided through this website. Feel free to browse through and use its search engine!


Last thing, our private tours are all-inclusive! If you'd like to get more details, please don't hesitate to get in touch with Véronique, your guide and host.

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