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Aveyron Facts

- Surface area:
- Elevation:
  144 m (472 ft.) to
   1,463 m (4799 ft.)
- Land use:
  Farming, 59%
   Forest, 30%
- Population:
  roughly 280,000
- Population density:
  Aveyron 31/km2
   France: 112/km2
- The highest density of
   paved roads in all of
  66,600 kms!!


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May to October Aveyron Weather


Please note: The following are recorded averages during the past 20 years. 


  • May- Days with highs around 19°C or 66°F and nights around 9°C or 48°F.
  • June- Days with highs around 23°C or 73°F and nights around 12°C or 54°F.
  • July- Days with highs around 26°C or 79°F and nights around 14°C or 58°F.
  • August- Days with highs around 26°C or 79°F and nights around 14°C or 58°F.
  • September- Days with highs around 21°C or 69°F and nights around 11°C or 51°F.
  • October- Days with highs around 15°C or 59°F and nights around 8°C or 46°F.


Relative humidity:

  • May- 69%
  • June- 67%
  • July- 62%
  • August- 64%
  • September- 72%
  • October- 81%



Heat Index:

The Heat Index is a measure of how hot it feels when relative humidity is added to actual air temperature. From this a comfort level is calculated providing categories on how heat conditions might adversely affect someone.

May to October comfort levels: Given average maximum temperatures and humidity levels generally you should not anticipate any discomfort from heat.




Estimated hours of sunshine:

  • May9 hours per day
  • June- 10 hours per day
  • July- 11 hours per day
  • August- 10 hours per day
  • September- 9 hours per day
  • October- 7 hours per day


Average wind speed:

  • May18 km/h or 11 mph
  • June- 17 km/h or 11 mph
  • July- 18 km/h or 11 mph
  • August- 16 km/h or 10 mph
  • September- 17 km/h or 11 mph
  • October- 17 km/h or 11 mph