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Aveyron Facts

- Surface area:
- Elevation:
  144 m (472 ft.) to
   1,463 m (4799 ft.)
- Land use:
  Farming, 59%
   Forest, 30%
- Population:
  roughly 280,000
- Population density:
  Aveyron 31/km2
   France: 112/km2
- The highest density of
   paved roads in all of
  66,600 kms!!


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La Cavalerie


A templar holding in the 12th century, one can still admire its fortified ramparts. That was when La Cavalerie's location, at the crossroads of ancient and pilgrimage routes was a communication hub, leading to the south and mediterranean ports. Its architectural heritage suffered losses during the Religion Wars back in the 16th century, but has been restored almost to its original state.